Thursday, 13 August 2009

Inspirational video

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see an inspirational video with quotes from lots of famous people including children's authors Philip Pulman and Ursula le Guin. If you love stories, (and who doesn't?) you'll love this You Tube video. The video is one of several by Chris Cade, author of Inscribe Your Life. I've just subscribed to the Inscribe Your Life Programme, so look out for more information on that later or discover it for yourself at I might even post some of the stories I write here later.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Eleven year old girl self publishes children's book

Sasha Pryce, an eleven year-old girl from Kent, has self-published her first novel and will donate all revenues from the sales of Labby's Adventures to the RSPCA and Batttersea Dogs and Cats Home. Sasha told Writers' News magazine: "My ambition and dream was to become an author and this was made possible by journalist Deborah Durbin who runs long distance courses for children eleven years and upwards.

After I decided what my novel was going to be about and who my characters were I started writing the chapters. Each week I would write a little and then go back to it the following week. Once I had written a chapter I would send it to Deborah and she would discuss the next step and if I needed to change anything. The chapters would go to and fro until finally in February this year I had finished the final chapter and sent it off to Deborah. She confirmed that it was now ready for the final bits; the illustrations, contents page, the blurb and then the front cover. By the end of April I was ready to upload my book onto Lulu and publish it. It was so surreal I couldn't believe that within a few weeks my novel would be in book form.

I would like to say to any child of any age; if you have a dream, follow it, work hard and persevere. Do not give up, dreams do come true - look at me!"
website: (Writer's News: September 09)