Monday, 2 February 2009

My story recorded by Gail Porter

Last Friday my son, Ben, and I visited a recording studio in London, where my story, Munch the Storyteller was recorded by Gail Porter. Gail really brought the story to life and it was an experience Ben and I will never forget. I especially loved the high-pitched voice used by Gail as Munch the Cow. We were videoed before, during and after the recording, which was a little daunting, but fun nonetheless. While I was being interviewed after the recording, Gail took Ben over the road to Hamley's toy shop where, he tells me, they toured the ground floor and played with remote control cars. Ben was even given the chance to go into the studio to read part of the story himself which was recorded on a souvenir CD. I can't wait to see the podcast of my story and those of the other winners when they go live in March.

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Carma's Window said...

Hi Dorothy,
What an exciting trip! Can't wait to hear the actual pod cast.