Monday, 14 September 2009

Vote for Your Favourite UK Children's Author Website

At the bottom of this post are links to my top ten favourite UK children's author websites:

I'd like you to roam all the sites using the links below then vote for your favourite. To vote, just send me a comment with the name of the author whose site you like best and why. Don't forget it's the site you're voting for, not the author.
I will announce the winner at the end of October and post a blog featuring the winning site the first week of November. I'll also let you know which site or sites are my favourites and why. Please also let me know if you have any favourite author sites not included on my list.
Have fun and don't forget to vote!

Michael Morpurgo    
Jaqueline Wilson

Malorie Blackman

Anne Fine         

Philip Pullman   

JK Rowling       

Darren Shan     

Eric Carle        

Terry Deary\    

Julia Donaldson 


Richard Hanks said...

Hi Dorothy,

From you list my favourite is probably Julia Donaldson.

A couple of others that I like are:
* Andy Stanton's Mr Gum Site
* Neil Gaiman

Inspired by you post, I have done my own list, I've linked back to your site too.

Dorothy Massey said...

I featured the Neil Gamain site on my blog previously if you want to check it out. Can't believe I didn't put it on my list.

Dorothy Massey said...

Thanks for introducing me to Andy Staton's Mr Gum. The site is really crazy. Totally bonkers. No wonder kids love it.