Sunday, 20 July 2008

2008 Gateshead Children's Book Award Winners

The 2008 Gateshead Children's Book Award goes to Jeremy Strong for, Beware Killer Tomatoes. Second prize goes to Tommy Dobavand writing as B Strange for Too Ghoul For School:Terror in Cubicle Four. Red House Award Winner, Derek Landy came third with Skullduggery Pleasant.

The award not only recognises excellent children's fiction, but enhances reading, writing and I.T. skills in young people across Gateshead. A number of publishers send multiple copies to participating schools. Children read the books, and, after discussing them, they write reviews. The books are then rated the children post their comments online. In my opinion this beats Graded Readers and Reading Logs any day.


Theresa Schultz said...

Hi Dorothy,

What a neat idea. And I love that title - Beware Killer Tomatoes. There are so many imaginative people in the world!


Carma said...

Hi Dorothy,
Man that title "Beware Killer Tomatoes" couldn't be more timely for what's happening in California right now. It is really odd in a funny way that the title is about tomatoes.


Judy said...

How cool - the kids vote for their favorites. I would love to read Beware the Killer Tomatoes.

What fun! Thanks,


Zebee said...

Hi Dorothy,

I like the idea of children doing book reviews. It gets kids back into reading and teaches them how to really look at the books they are reading. What a great program. Thanks for sharing.

Joy aka Zebee or is it the other way around?
(Thanks for the nice comment on my blog)

terri.forehand said...

Again, great information for both kids and parents regarding Children's literature. And I too love the idea of kids reviewing books themselves. What a wonderful idea.


Lisa Kirby said...

Children getting into the reviews themselves...great idea. I also like the fact that several publishers send copies to the schools. That's an added plus.

Lisa Kirby

T said...

I love that the kids review the books

Thanks for your blog, I love to see what's coming from the UK so we can all read more! This will be a great resource for my own blog too :)

Nicks said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dorothy

Intresting Blog, I like it. If you could review books by Ruskin Bond especially "Our trees still grows in Dehra" then it would be great.
Mr. Ruskin Bond is one of the most admired children writer in India and my favourite.

Satyajit Ray of India has also written some intresting books for Children. You can cover those also.
Best Wishes,


Kemmie said...

first time here! I've been writing for a while and recently started to think about writing for children, even though i'm more of a poetry and short articles writer. Your blog is inspiring! Thanks. K


R2K said...

: )

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Killer Tomatoes! HAHAHA! That's funny!


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william2233 said...

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kathleen duey said...

In the US, every state has a reader-voted award for kid's books. Cyn Smith has the list up, sorted by state:

Librarians organize things, but the kids decide. It's wonderful.

All best, I enjoy your blog.


Hi dorothy,
I like ur idea..great work their out....In india basically i have seen that children from poor family are not going for education tell me what we can do for these childs to promote them for education.
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hill girl said...

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Skyler said...

I love this rating system! Though I do wonder what age range we're talking about here. There are certain aspects of a children's book that can't be judged by young children IMO. Morals, personifications, originality,... You know the lot.

Anyway, very nice of you to share this!

Christine said...

I've got to check that one out. I like your blog and have a children's ;it blog of my own on blogspot. It's TheBookBench.

Anonymous said...

I really like the Killer Tomato cover art.

- Tim

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Anonymous said...

Excellent idea! And a far cry from "teaching to the test" which is an all-too-common lament here in the States.