Wednesday, 2 July 2008

How do you do? We are Wiggle and Woo.

Wiggle and Woo are mischievous, but lovable, twin ghosts. Woo has a headful of bouncy ringlets and both brother and sister have sparkling emerald green eyes. The twin's favourite activity is haunting or spooking 'alives'. Wiggle and Woo don't walk as theydon't have legs, Instead, they float, speed-glide or fly.
The ghost twins used to live in Copper Tree Farm, but now inhabit the spooky world of ghosts. They return to the farm, searching for Wiggle's lost watch, and discover Wiggle's room and it's new owner are scary and purple.
Woo likes music and dancing, Wiggle just likes to have fun, usually at someone else's expense. As Wiggle is the most daring of the two so when they discover a flute-playing giant in the Mansion of Music, Wiggle does all he can to annoy him. His sister, Woo, tries to keep him under control, but her attempts to tame Wiggle's antics just lead them both into even more trouble.
Woo adores her little cousin, Tee Hee. When Uncle Fright and Aunty Scare ask the twins to babysit, she is overjoyed, but Wiggle is horrified.
Read about Wiggle and Woo's adventures in Mini Mysteries and Kooky Spookies, a complilation of children's stories for young readers published by Pinestein Press. The book is available online from major retailers including Amazon, Borders, Tesco and Waterstones.


Theresa Schultz said...

Hi Dorothy,

Wiggle and Woo sound like great characters - very fun!


Judy said...

Hi Dorothy,

Love the character names. It brings a sense of fun and silliness to the story.

Kids love this type of story and it gets them reading. That is the key.

Take care,

Lisa Kirby said...

Hi, Dorothy,

This sounds like an enchanting book and the names are so cute.

Lisa Kirby

SuseADoodle said...

Wiggle and Woo sound like fun characters to read about.

You may want to consider becoming an Amazon (or other online bookseller) "affiliate" if you plan to review books regularly in your blog postings. Then you can type "Amazon" in the post but convert that to a link to the book at the retailer through your affiliate number. If the reader then purchases, you collect a commission.

Looking forward to coming back and finding out about other great kids books to read. :-) I love to read children's books (I'm just a great big kid at heart) and have a couple "little friends" who love to read too.

Sue Berg

Lady of Letters said...

Hi Dorothy,

I found your blog through the "Google Blogs of Note" link....and I love it!! Keep it up, it's a really fun blog..check out mine: also write about children literature :)

Lady of Letters